Text Box: One of our specialty departments at Rose Home Hardware is Steel Roofing. We specify, quote, and obtain custom steel roofing and siding to suit your job… large or small.
You may be surprised to discover that Rose Home Hardware will give you the best price and service for steel anywhere. Feel free to bring in your other quotes before buying.
We are backed up by two of Canada's largest steel producers. We have the expertise to ask you the right questions before ordering and to answer all your questions about installing.

Frequently Asked Questions...
Can I apply steel roofing directly over shingles?
One of the advantages of steel is that it can cover up a shingled roof without having to remove and dispose of old layers of shingles. With steel roofing you will normally install strapping, typically 1''x4" spaced 2' apart.
Is the strapping visible?
The strapping is normally covered with colored eave/gable trim that we will work out as part of your package.

What about other types of trim and accessories?
Through a series of simple questions we will ensure that your package includes all the material you need for the job, including venting, flashings, snow guard, strapping, screws, etc.
What about soffit and fascia material?
To finish your job around the soffits and fascia, we can provide everything.  We can include coloured steel to match your new roof, but it is more common and economical to use light gage aluminum, available through us also. For product information on this please refer to our Vinyl Siding section.   Our vinyl siding supplier carries a full line of aluminum trim, again at exceptional pricing.

Can I install steel roofing myself?
Absolutely.  A majority of our customers have successfully done their own jobs with the information we have provided. Others have paid a contractor just for the labour part of the job and bought the steel directly from us. We also sell to contractors and have often helped customers find an installer.
What colors and profiles of steel are available?
Through our suppliers we can get you almost anything that's out there.   You can preview some of the colours and profiles at Westmansteel.ca and  Vicwest.com Your steel sheets will arrive pre-cut to any exact length you request to minimize cutting and time.

What will a steel roof cost compared to shingles?
The material for a steel roof will cost slightly more than a low-grade shingle roof. However life-cycle costs are less for a steel roof because it virtually never needs to be replaced.  Also the labour is generally less than reroofing a shingle roof.  When this is factored in you may be surprised to find that an installed steel roof costs close to the same as replacing your shingles, once you factor in the disposal fees.
Each roof is unique in terms of the flashing and accessories required.  That is why we will step you through a few questions about your roof before making up a quote. It is important that your quote contains everything you need and there are no shortages or unexpected costs. Beware of suppliers that provide you a price per square foot for the steel only.  This is not the whole job.

What about delivery?
We can arrange delivery direct to your job site anywhere in Canada( for a modest charge). There are normally two deliveries per week except in unusual circumstances. Your job site has to be accessible for a tractor trailer.  Alternatively you can have your order dropped here at the store (no drop charge) and placed onto a trailer that you can leave here earlier in the day.  Smaller orders can be stored in our compound and picked up at your convenience.
Orders usually require about a week to process, for example, if you order your steel on Monday morning, you would normally receive it on Thursday or Friday of the same week.  

When do I have to pay?
Payment is required when we place the order because we are committing to having it custom produced and shipped.
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