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Our Family Business Serving  FRANKFORD ONTARIO  For Three Generations Since 1946

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Frankford Ontario

        In the winter of 2007/2008 Rose Home Hardware demolished the burnt building and began a challenging construction project on the same downtown location.

        After nearly a year of preparation, planning and construction, the new enlarged store was complete and ready to fully serve Frankford once again by May 2008.







OUR HISTORY –     Demolition & Rebuild

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Text Box: After the War With-   Radio and Appliances
A Major Setback -	The Fire of 1960
A New Beginning - 	Rose Radio Electric and Crest Hardware
The Business Comes Home - Home Hardware
The Family Comes Home -  A Second Generation 
Another Setback-	The Fire of 2007
The Demolition and Rebuild  
Rose Home Hardware's Grand Opening 2008
A Third Generation comes home