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Our Family Business Serving  FRANKFORD ONTARIO  For Three Generations Since 1946

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Frankford Ontario


Home Hardware

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The Business Comes Home - A Visit with Walter Hachborn, founder of Home Hardware

         Although many of the individual Crest Hardware stores were successful, the western Canada based supplier began to struggle in the late 1960's.

         Bill and Pearl met with representatives of a promising new Canadian hardware cooperative called Home Hardware, including   Walter Hachborn, the key founder.   They were very impressed with the concept of this new dealer-owned structure, the integrity and work ethic of its people, and the wide range of products and services available. (Mr. Hachborn in later years received the Order of Canada for his lifetime contribution to Canadian Retail.)

         Bill and Pearl made the exciting decision to convert to a Home Hardware store and opened under this new banner in 1973.  It was a decision that set the business up for incredible future success.

         Rose Home Hardware grew rapidly in the 1970's. Its success was a measure of the combined efforts of the Roses in their store and Home Hardware as a retail chain. The Rose's business neighbour, Mervin Dafoe sold his dry goods business to Keith and Winnie Helm which they operated as K & W Family Clothing in the late 1970's. No one foresaw at that time that the Helm’s business would play a role in the evolution of Rose Home Hardware years down the road.




OUR HISTORY –The Business comes Home

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The Business Comes Home - Home Hardware
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