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Our Family Business Serving  FRANKFORD ONTARIO  For Three Generations Since 1946

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Frankford Ontario


The Fire of 1960



1946Having established a going concern by 1960 the family suffered a major setback when their business and neighboring Dafoe Dry Goods were totally destroyed by fire.


Son Chris, six at the time, recalls that day…

"I remember looking out the kitchen window of our home and seeing the smoke from downtown and my mother telling me that our store was on fire. Dad was a member of the Frankford Fire Department and was down helping fight the blaze. We emerged from this tragedy with a driveway full of burnt up appliances and little else. In those days Dad made a lot of house calls to repair TV's. His main supplier of TV tubes was in Belleville and they told him they wanted to see him back in business. So they gave him a big orange tube caddy to help him and with this suitcase full of tubes and tools he started over."


OUR HISTORY –A Major Setback

Text Box: After the War With-   Radio and Appliances
A Major Setback -	The Fire of 1960
A New Beginning - 	Rose Radio Electric and Crest Hardware
The Business Comes Home - Home Hardware
The Family Comes Home -  A Second Generation 
Another Setback-	The Fire of 2007
The Demolition and Rebuild  
Rose Home Hardware's Grand Opening 2008
A Third Generation comes home

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