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Our Family Business Serving  FRANKFORD ONTARIO  For Three Generations Since 1946

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Frankford Ontario


         Unless you've been a Frankford area resident for upwards of 50 years, you may not recognize the names "Rose Radio Electric" or "Crest Hardware" or "K&W Family Clothing".

         The present day Rose Home Hardware has its roots in these earlier business names. To remain successful and survive over multiple decades and generations, a store must adapt to the changing market.  That is the fundamental business story of Rose Home Hardware.

         The Rose family story is one of simultaneously operating a demanding business while raising a family, working alongside family, while committing large amounts of time and energy to the local community.

For your interest, we have included a history of Rose Home Hardware complete with photographs.

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Text Box: After the War With-   Radio and Appliances
A Major Setback -	The Fire of 1960
A New Beginning - 	Rose Radio Electric and Crest Hardware
The Business Comes Home - Home Hardware
The Family Comes Home -  A Second Generation 
Another Setback-	The Fire of 2007
The Demolition and Rebuild  
Rose Home Hardware's Grand Opening 2008
A Third Generation comes home

Locally Owned, Locally Operated, Locally Involved.