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Our Family Business Serving  FRANKFORD ONTARIO  For Three Generations Since 1946

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Frankford Ontario

OUR HISTORY –The Beginnings

         In 1946, after completion of his World War II service with the Canadian Navy, and equipped with a strong technical background, Bill Rose opened a radio and appliance shop in downtown Frankford on the south side of Mill Street, across from where Frankford Foodland operates today.

         The post-war era saw rapid technical advances and with the emergence of television in the 1950's the business evolved to include sales and service in tv's, antennae, and also major appliances.

         In 1952, finding the need for more space, Bill, (now married to Pearl -daughter of a Sidney Township farmer), relocated the business to a larger building at the present day location on North Trent Street.

         (Notice the Beatty appliance sign in the photo.)








After the War with Radios and Appliances

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Text Box: After the War With-   Radio and Appliances
A Major Setback -	The Fire of 1960
A New Beginning - 	Rose Radio Electric and Crest Hardware
The Business Comes Home - Home Hardware
The Family Comes Home -  A Second Generation 
Another Setback-	The Fire of 2007
The Demolition and Rebuild  
Rose Home Hardware's Grand Opening 2008
A Third Generation comes home